yes yes ya'll, bike check one two, one two...

BIKE CHECK ONE TWOでは、世界中から幅広く皆様の自転車を募集しています。ジャンルなどは一切問いません。

To our overseas friends...
Be part of our "bike check one two" program.
Send in some photos of your bike to right now!!
No matter where you are, bIke unites all of us!!


#320 cinelli / sarah9 from 津(三重)

frame :
70'S cinelli
hed :
campy record
stem :
nitto crystal
handle :
nitto B-123
Sadle :
SDG Belair
crank :
campy record + SPD
wheel :
sunsin track hub + mavic open PRO CD
break :
MAFAC competition